Our Generator Installation Process

More than 51% of the power Seattle consumes is purchased. That power depends on factors that are outside of the municipal boundaries, factors like (1) the health of generating facilities and (2) transmission and distribution lines. In the case of Seattle, that power supplier is Bonneville Power Administration.
BPA is a federal agency operating in the Pacific Northwest that sells electrical energy at a cost to municipalities, whose infrastructure is stretching across 11 states and as it happens needs major upgrades.
From this macro view, it becomes clear that a house’s electrical installation is completely dependent on factors that are outside the reach of one local government, let alone an individual.
The good news is that you can have a temporary independent electrical system, made possible by the installation of a standby backup generator. Our go-to solution is the Guardian Home Backup Generator by Generac.
When an outage occurs, the generator senses the outage and starts itself. Within seconds, it signals to the automatic transfer switch to disconnect from the utility lines and connect the house electrical system to the generator. When the power outage is resolved, the reverse process happens automatically.
No more worries about falling trees or major infrastructure problems.

Wiring for portable generators

Mechanical interlock transfer switch

Wiring for standby backup generators

Automatic transfer switch (ATS)

Generator Installation in Seattle

You can survive the evening without TV, but you can’t do it without a refrigerator or a heater. And if network outages occur in a production environment, these can lead to a decrease in productivity and, consequently, to the loss of profit. Why wait a long time for the electricity supply to resume, when you can solve this situation very easily? By installing the best generator in your home or company, you can receive electricity for any need, at any time. Moreover, this equipment can be used as a backup source of electricity, as well as a permanent one. Our specialised team of professionals are ready to help you with the best solution for generator installation in Seattle. The only thing you should decide is when. We take care of the rest of the project! Take care of your home or business with a backup generator.

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