Our Radiant Heating Installations

In-floor electrical heat has an almost negligible effect on space occupancy. As the name implies, the source of heat is embedded in the mortar–tile floor application, or under the finished wood floor – in the latter example, the material must be rated for radiant heat.
The heat is more evenly distributed throughout the room. With the traditional way of heating e.g., a fireplace or heat vent, the hot air rises, and the cold air collapse making for uneven heat distribution. With radiant heat, the source of heat is where the cold air collapses, and the heat is not primarily captured by air but by ambient objects also.In the case of electrically heated floors, the source of heat is the flow of electrical current through wires that are designed with a safe and controlled amount of resistance, the result of which is heat. This is a very low-maintenance heat source, assuming the initial installation is done properly.

No more nagging your loved ones to put socks on when walking bare feet on a cold floor. Problem solved.

Dedicated circuit installation

Electrical box connection

Heating floor wire installation


Seattle radiant heating installation

Installing radiant heating installations is an operation with high difficulty, for which special knowledge and techniques are needed. If a common radiator can be changed even by a person with minimal knowledge of installations, in the case of radiant heating we are talking about a complex job, for which experts are needed. Our team of technicians in Seattle are ready for your project. Installing a radiant heating system in a house under construction is the fastest project to do, because the heating system is taken into account from the project stage. It is no problem installing the system in an already built house, but it might involve raising the floor. The installation of a radiant heating system in public or industrial spaces is highly recommended, but, as in the other cases, it is preferable to consider it from the construction stage.