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    At the start of every circuit, there is a breaker. Using single pole or dual pole breakers one can capture the entire voltage available in the load center or half of it. Therefore, we have single pole breakers for 120 V circuits or dual pole breakers for 240 V circuits.
    Aside from assigning a desired voltage to a circuit, the breaker’s main function is to control the amount of current going through a circuit. Think of it as controlling the amount of water going through a pipe. The flow of electricity produces heat, and all the components of the circuit must be rated to withstand it. The breaker limits that flow by interrupting the circuit when the current flow – measured in AMPs – exceeds the capacity of the circuit. Hence, we have 15 AMPs circuits, 20 AMPs circuits, and so on.

    Electrical panel replacement

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    Technical Details

    Breakers perform other safety functions. They are safety mechanisms. They trip for a reason, and they indicate on a general note the health of your electrical system. These other two functions are GFCI protection and AFCI protection. Breakers can have one or both safety mechanisms built into them depending on the application.

    A GFCI breaker (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) is built to detect a ground fault or a current leakage. This is when the initial amount of current fed to the circuit (hot wire) differs from the return path (neutral). The tolerance for this leakage is 0,005 AMPs. One common scenario is when the hot wire touches the outer case of an appliance or a tool. Some current flows into that outer case, and so we have a current leakage. This is a real danger for anyone coming in contact with that surface. A GFCI breaker detects the current leakage and interrupts the circuit.

    An AFCI breaker (Ark Fold Circuit Interrupter) is built to detect an electric arc. In simple terms, an electric arc is electricity, or electrical charge, jumping from one point to another trying to bridge a gap and create a path for current to travel. It implies a loose connection somewhere along that circuit. Lightning is a type of electric arc, although the scale of the electric arc encountered in residential installation is much smaller. When the electric arc is detected, the breaker interrupts the flow of current therefore protecting the installation from the risk of fire.

    This is a brief description of the role of the electrical panel and its components. We can determine the health of your electric panel and propose different levels of intervention depending on the need.

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    Electrical Panel Installation & Replacement in Seattle

    The electrical panels are the core of any home or office.  It is crucial to get your electrical panel repaired or replaced as soon as possible if it breaks or malfunctions. But in the absence of a professional electrician, it can be difficult to identify the root cause of the problem. Our team of professionals can inspect your electrical problem and determine if you need your electrical panel to be repaired or replaced. If your electrical panel is outdated, it might not be able to handle all the energy requirements of your home or office. We might recommend replacing your electrical panel if we believe that it will save you money on your electricity bill and increase your energy efficiency.

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      Here at MOGOVOLT we aspire to become a hub of excellence, where exceptional and curious-minded people work together. The future is bright and it is electric, and we are moving into that future with resolve.

      The ever-expanding applications of electricity are remarkable across the board, and we will be right there to geek out and make them available to our customers.

      Benefits of a Panel Replacement

      A Safer Home
      Safety is one of the biggest benefits of upgrading or replacing electrical panels. A faulty panel increases the risk of an electrical fire that can significantly damage or even destroy your home.

      Additional Circuits
      By upgrading your service panel, circuits and thus more sockets can be added to support more electronics and devices. You can also add dedicated circuits for high-powered appliances like car chargers.

      Power Consistency
      Old panels often have current fluctuations, which can cause problems in the circuits. These panels can no longer cope with the volume of current required for today’s household appliances.

      We use Levinton panels for our panel replacements in Seattle. Levinton products are safe and efficient, easy to install and maintain, and have great load handling.

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