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One area where there is significant room for design and expressivity is the lighting plan. We see the lighting plan structured along three main criteria: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Depending on the use of the room, we go for a single criteria approach or a layered approach so that the room becomes more versatile. Here, the fine-tuning possibilities are exciting. You could combine the type of light (Kelvin scale) with a personal lighting schedule so that the lighting in your home is congruent with your circadian rhythm and not going against it.

Our ideal electrical installation is code compliant, optimized for convenience, and designed to enhance the use of each room throughout the day.

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We ensure industrial space with a high-performance lighting system that leads to maximum efficiency and we can also implement complete solutions for automating production processes. Thanks to our resources and experience, we are able to offer high-performance and quality solutions. Through the quality of the services offered, we actively support you to increase productivity, competitiveness and, last but not least, to reduce costs. The equipment and materials used in our industrial electrical works meet all needed quality standards, being supplied by renowned manufacturers in the field. Thanks to an optimized electrical engineering infrastructure we can make sure that all the systems and installations of the building are supplied with electricity at all times. We ensure the uninterrupted supply of electricity in areas of special sensitivity and in areas crucial for safety. By using modern building automation we manage to connect the resulting complex systems to a custom designed network.