Electrical Services we offer

How would it be if the lights would turn on when your car enters the driveway, the garage would open automatically, the temperature inside your house would be just perfect, the light in the hallway turns on when the front door is opened, and in the background your favorite music would start playing? Your home could be entirely controlled remotely by phone or from your office, a few moments before leaving the office. Our team of professionals can do all this for you as well as assist you with any electrical service you might need.

New overhead

Emergency service disconnect

New panel upgrade

New grounding and bonding

Safe and reliable Electrical Service upgrades

The need to change or update your electrical installation is quite urgent and mandatory, especially in the case of older houses where the power systems might not no longer be safe at all. In a lucky scenario, an old electrical installation can only generate a higher bill or the failure of the electrical appliances but, most of the time, the failure of the electrical installation can lead to real hazards. Any work on electrical installations must be carried out by a certified electrician or under the coordination of a professional who guarantees the quality of the execution or the necessary intervention. An electrical circuit is made up of conductors (wires or cables) and devices (sockets, circuit breakers), while an installation includes as many circuits as devices you need around a house or office. This is why our team of highly skilled and certified professionals are always ready to carry on any electrical project and solve your needs.